Welcome to MRU Life-Online

Welcome to MRU Life-Online

Medical Rescue Unit (MRU) was started with the hope of localizing emergency services. What this means is to enable us to guarantee our response and professionalism to the public. No more should one have to wait 30 minutes to 3 hours if an emergency service even comes at all during a life threatening emergency. We ourselves purchased a fleet of ambulances that are dedicated to putting back what has been lost in this industry. Our mission is that we dedicate ourselves to providing the public with a reliable service with a high standard of operations. Our equipment is state of the art and our staff are expertly trained. MRU's goal is making sure that any patient or client that we service provide to will receive the best care.

MRU can offer the following:

*24/7 access to an emergency line.

* 24/7 Rapid medical response.

* Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support.

* Inter-home, step down, hospital and ICU transfers.

* Medical standby for any event.

* Search and Rescue Paramedics.

* Safety officers on site.

*JOC application, Risk Categorisation and event approval for the client.

*Health and Safety compliance in the workplace.

*American Heart Association and first aid courses available.

*Medical information storage and crisis management.

*Customize event planning and risk assessment.

*Emergency plan drawn up to best fit your needs, building and workforce.

Life On Line ID is a 24 hour Emergency medical Information and crisis management system. We have designed a unique state of the art database service where all past and current medical information and relevant personal details are stored. You may ask yourselves what difference this may make in an emergency situation which may arise? The answer is EVERYTHING. If an ambulance eventually arrives at an emergency the medical personnel do not know anything about the patient which makes it hard to give effective treatment. When Life On Line ID sends out a response we have a fully detailed profile on our system which allows us and our treating paramedics to give correct and effective treatment for that particular patient. We have a direct line to a fully trained control room operator that will immediately assist with the facilitation of ambulance services and the receiving hospital, giving the injured party the best chance of survival. Timing and management of each scenario is vital for effective treatment.

For any enquiries on our services or a free quotation please call us on 0861 112 911. We aim to beat any written quotation and still provide a quality and reliable service.



23 May 2017

Bombing in Manchester

MRU would like to ask the public and followers to keep those in their prayers who have been affected by the bombings.


28 April 2017

CPR Training

MRU have launched the CPR 911 Basic Life Support training programmes that cater for all. Whether you are a student, healthcare professional, parent, au-pair or domestic worker we have the course for you. To find out mor information please conta...

27 August 2011

MRU Lifeonline portal goes online!

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