The Life on Line ID bangle provides the client with a lifesaving tool. Each Life on Line client is issued a individual coded bangle. Our unique design is made for maximum use and protection. The strong plastic unit houses the information inside as well as an elastic material that is very durable. It can withstand any environment and is waterproof. The Life on Line ID bangle is proudly worn by people of all ages. Often in the case of an emergency situation personal belongings such as wallets and cellphones cannot be found on the patient thus minimising effective identification when it counts the most. Failure to be able to produce a medical aid card and valid drivers license will result in the patient being turned away from private facilities and redirected to state hospitals. An Life on Line client will be covered. We will be contacted through our visible ID products and we will manage and facilitate the emergency treatment. We can arrange any form of emergency care and make sure the client only receives the best care available.


Who will speak for you or your loved ones when you can't speak for yourselves in an emergency?


We offer all medical equipment such as theatre machinery, ambulance equipment, disposables, first aid bags and BLS/ILS/ALS equpment. Whether you are needing a 1st aid kit for your car or setting up an operating theatre we supply it all. Our products will fit any client need whether it be for a business,Restaurant , vehicle or home. Send any request to to find out more detail and receive a quotation.


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