To predict the future is virtually impossible. Talking strategy is one thing but implementing it is another. MRU-Life On Line was started by Gary and Dean Witz after seeing a large gap in the emergency services. They developed an idea that turned into a system to be used by many members of the public. Most of the time members of emergency services would arrive at a scene and know nothing about the patient which makes it hard to give the most effective treatment. With Life On Line ID we have a fully detailed profile of each client which allows us and treating paramedics to provide the client with the best treatment out there. We have recently had a fresh start to business meaning that we have completely changed the system. Clients can now log on to our secure website and request to become an Life On Line ID client. Once the system has generated a file for the client they get taken through an online process which captures all necessary information.

Along with the change of our database we have introduced a number of additional services, free of charge which can be viewed on our added benifits page.

Our database is completely confidential and the only time that data will be released and viewed is if the patient's well being is in jeopardy. All Information is stored securely and all our systems run independently.


Become an MRU Life-On-Line client and know that no matter where you are we will be there to manage and facilitate your emergency.


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