Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Solutions

MRU Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Solutions

We have made it our mandate to ensure that every organisation is safe for operation. Safety is so much more than just physical security, it also involves making sure that the grounds are physically safe. 2017 was a year full of challenges but thankfully compliance is becoming a priority to authorities. The fact that we may think we are doing our very best can unintentionally cause us to overlook elements within organisations that may deem it unsafe.

We have undertaken to make it our mission to make every clients premises and operations as safe and compliant as possible.

The safety plan that we wish to roll out includes the following:

  1. Mandatory legislative safety audits.
  2. Reporting back on unsafe elements and safety issues.
  3. Recommendations of how to remedy highlighted issues found during audits and risk assessments.
  4. Formation of internal safety committees overseen and trained by our Safety Consultants.
  5. Training of staff in order to maintain safety protocols implemented (safety, fire, security and first aid).
  6. Assist with continuous drills throughout the year (fire/medical/evacuation drills).

Our vision is to empower staff to work together in maintaining their site as a completely safe place for business operation. We continually keep abreast of, and implement, the latest global technology and training and are staffed by top personnel in the field. Our Safety Consultants & Officers are dedicated to assisting all clients who wish to have an updated effective safety file and grounds audit that covers legislation requirements from the OHS governing bodies.


Safety audits

Risk assessments & mitigation

Safety file drafting & maintenance

Development & management of OHS safety committee

OHS project management

Safety training

Conducting & auditing fire drills

Conducting & auditing an evacuation drill

Monthly safety management plan

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